7:50pm September 8, 2013

The prophecy of the Vampire Bible, speculations, part I (II)

And so it was that the people/ progeny led Lilith to the sun.  And so it shall be again. As the blood ascends, two will become one. When light and dark collide, our salvation is at hand. “

It may be interesting to think about the prophecy again since it tells us about Lilith’s destiny and mentions vampire salvation. Several things remain questionable for me:

-Bill’s identification with Lilith (there were several instances such as Bill asking Sookie for her blood as his progeny need it, Lilith turning to Bill as she bites Ben in his flashback, Bill commanding Warlow etc.)-if so, has the prophecy been fulfilled (‘so shall it be again”)-we never saw Lilith meeting the sun for the second time. Will ‘the progeny’ i.e. other vampires lead Bill/Lilith to meet the sun again?

-Collision of the dark and light. Narnia and “We will be One” could be interpreted as the first of such collisions-Eric per definition is the creature of the night (the Sangs call the vampires ‘children of the darkness’) and Sookie has light inside her that is so very unique; Narnia was a place where there was darkness followed by light, snow and sun paradox and ‘all is possible’. OTOH if we look at the possible S7 Eric’s s/line-he himself could be a definition of the dark/light collision, a vampire who is exposed to light and burning-but survives? Or dies and is resurrected and acquires powers and abilities that are completely unique? Third: Eric was full of Warlow’s blood (who we defined as the faempire; i.e. someone who has darkness/light inside him)-will that play a part in Eric’s fate and in fulfillment of the prophecy?

-Salvation is at the point of this collision. Warlow’s blood allowed a few vamps in the white room to withstand the sun but it was never a salvation of the vampire race. With Hep V being an obvious world-wide threat to the vampire population, I can’t imagine that a handful of vamps surviving the sun was indeed a prophesized salvation. If however Eric survives burning or is brought back to life (this would certainly have additional significance just like Bill’s resurrection) it could be his blood that is the real salvation (after all it’s been called an elixir-a legendary mythical potion able to create life or as panacea cure the disease; as well as a miracle by Sookie in S4) -we simply may be able to see Eric as a real salvation as opposed to Bill whose salvation was false. Eric was described in S6 as having ‘a look of destiny about him’ - we wrote of the Norse concept of destiny-Wyrd which connects the past, present and future and is represented by Yggdrasil, Tree of Life that we see on Eric’s cubby doors. Again, could it be that Sookie also plays a significant part given what Godric mentions in BR commentary? Remember, soteriology defines and studies salvation in very specific terms and what we saw in S6 finale did not constitute salvation of the race in any academic sense. It was a word from a false prophet and saviour.

-Blood ascending: I don’t know whether it can be interpreted literally as in Eric being on the mountain top where he meets the sun and starts to burn or if this part of prophecy was meant to allude to the Ascension of Jesus (ascension happens after the resurrection)- the Catechism of the Catholic Church defines Ascension as ‘Christ’s participation in God’s power and authority’. It is the part of the VB prophecy that is also unlikely to have happened.

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