8:09pm July 6, 2013

Evolution of the species is a hot topic in the show, particularly in this season, where the scientific research is revealed in its full force.

Godric reminded us of evolution as early as S2, particularly in relation to evolutionary psychology and the concept of adaptation. Adaptation consists of many processes: consciousness, perception, cognition, emotion, motivation to name a few. Consciousness is broadly defined as an evolved adaptation; it can refer to voluntary action, awareness or wakefulness. Higher consciousness denotes the consciousness of a human being who has reached a higher level of development and who has come to know reality as it is (Sanskrit: Yatha bhuta). It also refers to the awareness or knowledge of an ‘ultimate reality’ which traditional theistic religion has named God and which Gautama Buddha referred to as the unconditioned element. Evolution in this sense is not that which occurs by natural selection over generations of human reproduction but evolution brought about by the application of spiritual knowledge to the conduct of human life and of the refinement of the mind brought about by spiritual practices.

Through the application of such knowledge to practical self-management, the awakening and development of faculties dormant in the ordinary human being is achieved. These faculties are aroused by and developed in conjunction with certain virtues such as lucidity, patience, kindness, truthfulness, humility, and forgiveness towards one’s fellow man – qualities without which, according to the traditional teachings, higher consciousness is not possible. As an inter-connected group, it is called Collective Consciousness in Philosophy. In a spiritual context, it may also be associated with transcendence, spiritual enlightenment, and union with the divine. In a secular context, higher consciousness is usually associated with exceptional control over one’s mind and will, intellectual and moral enlightenment, and profound personal growth.

Adaptation as an evolutionary process was also present in S6.03 where Eric states: “The world is changing, Pam. We have to change with it.”
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