5:55pm May 28, 2013

The True Blood Vampire Directory

Roman Zimojic begun his human life as a simple farmer in the late 1400s in what is now considered Serbia. he was a natural leader in his village but always strived for more. When the opportunity arose to join his childhood friend Petyr in working for Petyr’s mysterious boss, Roman took at and never looked back. Even after he learned that his friend’s master was a vampire, Roman embraced his new life of adventure and discovery. The trio spent years traveling throughout Europe. Roman became educated in different languages and cultures, and he and Petyr excitedly discussed their futures as vampires. But the master was cruel; he made it known that he would turn only one of them. Roman and Petyr refused to participate, but the master glamoured both men commanding each to kill the other. Roman overpowered Petyr and chocked his friend to death. When it was over, the master was true to his word and turned Roman, but Roman never forgot the ordeal. One hundred years later, Roman, now working with the Authority, got a chance to avenge his friend’s True Death in an elaborate trap that ended in the master’s death. This led to Roman’s quick ascension to Guardian, a post he has held to this day.

Although he had heard of her many years earlier, Roman first met Salome in Naples in the 16th century. Roman had recently been made Guardian and was traveling through Italy for a top-secret vampire political summit, in which it was rumored several human government officials were in attendance. Salome was participating in the conference on behalf of Italy’s vampire monarchs, and Roman immediately took a liking to her. Just a few days later, he brought her back to the Authority Headquarters with him to become acquainted with her new job as Chancellor.

For Roman, mainstreaming is both a personal and practical goal. Unlike most vampires, he retains a strong connection to his former human self and feels that humans are not inferior to vampires. He also recognizes the pragmatic notion that in order to maintain their population, vampires cannot destroy that which sustains them.