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The True Blood Vampire Directory

Dieter Braun was born in Konigsburg, Prussia in 1770. His was a noble family who expected him to continue their dynasty. However, once Dieter begun his higher education, he became estranged from his family and fell in with a group of intellectuals centered around the philosopher Immanuel Kant. Dieter eschewed material possessions and begun to live as an ascetic, dedicating his life to scholarly pursuits. This all changed when Prussia’s stability and peaceful stasis became threatened by Napoleon Bonaparte. Dieter wanted to do his part to defend the Prussian way of life, so he enlisted. At the battle of Jena-Auerstedt, the Prussian army was taking a heavy beating. Dieter, fighting as a foot soldier, found himself behind enemy lines outmanned five-to-one. Miraculously he overcame his enemies and returned home only slightly wounded. He refused accolades and medals, wanting only to return to his studies in the newly subjugated Prussia. He was surprised one night to find someone waiting for him: a female vampire named Collette. Her human companion had been killed by Dieter and in a strange bit of logic, she felt Dieter to be the only suitable replacement. Dieter was by nature a curious man and granted her request. They began a relationship that resulted in Dieter being turned four years later.

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