9:34pm May 23, 2013

The True Blood Vampire Directory

Nigel Beckford had a severely dysfunctional childhood that left him with an intensity scarred psyche, more monster than human. He regularly indulged in cannibalism, especially of children. He was caught one night by a woman named Serena Montgomery but, to his surprise, instead of calling the authorities she joined in the carnage. Together they terrorized parts of the Eastern Seaboard for almost a decade in the early part of the 1900s. Serena never revealed her vampire nature to Nigel until the night that an angry father of one of their victims cut Nigel’s throat and left him to die. When the coast was clear, Serena pulled Nigel from the makeshift grave and turned him. They continued their illicit activities for another decade. Eventually they were caught by the Authority, and Serena met the True Death while Nigel was sentenced to life in prison.

The cells used by the Authority are designed to keep even the most powerful vampire inside. A special silver alloy ensures that nobody escapes, and the UV lights are twice as strong as direct sunlight at the Earth’s equator on a clear day. The intensity of the lights, combined with regular injections of silver, have resulted in Nigel’s burned appearance.