10:24pm April 15, 2013

In Bill’s lounge, we also see a black pyramid on what looks like a map (Nile delta ?). The pyramid itself made us think about the Benben stone. 

The Benben stone

Heliopolis was a home to the sacred stone Benben and a famed Tree of Life. The only surviving remnant of Heliopolis is the Temple of Re-Atum obelisk.

The sacred Ished Tree, The Tree of Life, was the the Seat of the Bennu Bird (phoenix). The Tree was protected by the great Cat, a Symbol of Ra. Ancient Egyptian ritual required the names of each pharaoh to be inscribed on the leaves of this tree during the coronation ceremony. The fruit of the Tree of Life gave Eternal Life and the Knowledge of the Cycles.

In ancient Egypt, Benben was the mound that arose from the primordial waters, Nu, and on which the creator god Atum settled. In the Pyramid Texts, e.g. Utterances 587 and 600, Atum himself is at times referred to as “mound”.

The prevailing theory on the design of monumental true pyramids is that their shape was modelled on Benben: a conical-shaped stone venerated in the ‘Mansion Of The Phoenix’ at Heliopolis (pyr. 1652). The ‘Mansion Of The Phoenix’ was presumably within the precinct of the Great Sun Temple of Heliopolis. Its conical shape and its association with the pyramid’s capstone - the latter a likely symbol of the star-soul of the departed pharaoh made of ‘iron bones’. It is recognised by many that the whole idea of the rebirth rites performed for dead pharaohs was intensely, if not mainly, stellar. The well-known archeoastronomer E.C. Krupp rightly noted that “the language of the stellar cycles appears to be interchangeable with the language of funeral rites” (Krupp, P.216). It is also generally accepted that the essence of the royal funerary rites was the re-enactment of the resurrection of Osiris, the latter having been revived after death by magical rites of ‘mummification’ performed by Isis. But this resurrection of Osiris as a ‘mummy’ is but an initial, partial stage of the magical rites, for the second and final stage was his self-transfiguration into a star-god, Sahu-Orion. According to many legends the Stone enlightened the person who was in its surroundings and produced a tremendous power. The Stone was also highly violent and distorting. It was impossible to be close to the Stone without the protection of magical rituals performed by the Priests. The stone was put into the King’s Chamber of the Pyramid of Gizeh for an initiation ceremony that transformed the Pharaoh into a Living God.

Why is the Benben Stone so Important?

When the World was almost Destroyed by the Great Deluge the Survivors detected the Cause of the Cataclysm.

The Deluge was part of a Cyclic Pattern that repeated itself every 12.594 years (half of a the Precession Cycle). The Myth of the Phoenix that came from the Land of Fire was an Important Story. The Phoenix landed on the Benben Stone in Heliopolis. It is believed that the the Phoenix will be looking for the Benben Stone to lay down its New Egg that will trigger a New Era of Mankind, the Age of Aquarius, the Water Bearer.

An interesting article about the origins of the Benben stone. 

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