9:27pm April 4, 2013

A deal with the Devil, pact with the Devil, or Faustian bargain,

is a cultural motif, best exemplified by the legend of Faust and the figure of Mephistopheles. According to traditional Christian belief in witchcraft, the pact is between a person and Satan or a demon. The person offers his or her soul in exchange for diabolical favours. Those favours vary by the tale, but tend to include youth, knowledge, wealth or power.

It was also believed that some persons made this type of pact just as a sign of recognising the Devil as their master, in exchange for nothing. The bargain is considered a dangerous one, as the price of the Fiend’s service is the wagerer’s soul. The pact can be oral or written. A written pact consists in the same forms of attracting the demon, but includes a written act, usually signed with the conjurer’s blood. Forms of these include contracts or simply signing your name into Satan’s Red Book. Vellum (calf skin) was used for the finer quality parchments and manuscripts (large black-and-white pic). Books like The Lesser Key of Solomon (also known as Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis) give a detailed list of these signs, known as diabolical signatures. The Malleus Maleficarum discusses several alleged instances of pacts with the Devil, especially concerning women. It was considered that all witches and warlocks had made a pact with some demon, especially with Satan.

Devil’s Bridge is a term applied to dozens of ancient bridges, found primarily in Europe. Each of the Devil’s Bridges has a corresponding Devil-related myth or folktale. Versions of the legend feature an old lady or a simple herder who makes a pact with the Devil. In this version the devil agrees to build the bridge, and in return he will receive the first soul to cross it. We see Warlow standing on the bridge (truss bridge) but we don’t know whether the contract between Warlow and John Stackhouse was signed on the bridge too.

A famous case of a deal is one of the French priest, Urbain Grandier, who was tried and burned at the stake for witchcraft. The alleged pact was written in the backward Latin and signed by many demons, including Satan and Astaroth, the writer is Balberith, a demon mentioned in TB S4 BRs.

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