6:12pm January 15, 2013

Akasha/aether/Akashic Records  -what really happened under the bridge ?

Akasha is a term denoting pure spirit, the fifth creative element. This is specific for Tuatha De Danann as the Fifth symbol, the quintessence, the aether (mentioned in one of my previous posts). It is the subtle spiritual essence that pervades all space. It is not ether itself, but is an ether-like substance of a spiritual rather than material nature. Essentially, Akasha is to ether what spirit is to physical matter. In ancient writings, such as the Puranas, Akasha is said to operate through sound or vibration. Thus it is identified with the element of Air, and in a spiritual sense with the “breath of god” concept in ancient Hebraic texts. Where we read in the book of Genesis that the “spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters,” we can see Akasha in action through motion. In occult­ism, Akasha is considered to be an indis­pensable element of each magickal act. To move energy in a ritual, spell, or work of magick is to evoke Akasha. Akasha is an element of the kundalini force as well, lying latent at the base of all magickal operations. The power of Akasha, as it relates to kundalini, is an “occult electricity.” This energy rises with our emotions and desires, and is the basis for fertility of mind, body, and spirit. It is the energy of motivation, passion, and determination. On a larger scale Akasha is one of the Tattvic Tides of occult philosophy, an energy form that is most active at sunrise. As one of the Tattvic tides, Akasha emanates the power of spirit to harmonize the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The ancient myths of Western civili­zation tell of a time when chaos was brought into harmony by the intervention of spirit. This is the symbolism of the pentagram, the four ele­ments of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water controlled by Spirit. In ancient Roman mythology the four elemental winds were the gods Borus, Eurus, Notus, and Zephyrus. Above them was a higher god, Aeoulus, who kept watch over them.

Akashic Records is a term referring to a magnetic/etherical plane in which the energy pattern of all that has transpired upon the earth is imprinted. This is not unlike data being stored on magnetic computer disks. Occultists believe that the energy imprints con­tained within the Akashic Records can be accessed through magickal and psychic methods. On the Astral Plane the Akashic Records are envisioned as an immense library containing the collective records of the ages that have passed on the earth. Spontaneous know­ledge, and to a degree even intuition, can be a tapping into of the Akashic levels of energy. Wiccan teachings refer to a psychic ability known as hearing the voice of the wind. This is related not only to links with the Akashic Records, but also to one’s rapport with the spirits of the Old Religion.