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Hop in……Relax.

9:23pm April 24, 2014

A really warm welcome, new followers:) Hope you’ll enjoy TB with us. 

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9:51pm April 23, 2014

I trust no one. You shouldn’t either.

9:51pm April 23, 2014

A really warm welcome, new follower:) Enjoy a peek view of season 7, Violet training javelin throws; ) 


9:46pm April 23, 2014

"Please, don’t leave me." 

9:24pm April 23, 2014

"Eric, won’t you please come in?"

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A really warm welcome, new followers:) It’s so nice to have you here with us.

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Revenge will never bring you peace.

Revenge will never bring you peace.

10:55pm April 22, 2014

I’ve been struggling to remember why this scene had such a familiar feel to it and thanks to your beautiful gifs, I was finally able to remember what it was:) This is a gif from the film Lolita from 1962.

Similar, don’t you think? And another example of Alan Ball giving homage, in this case to Stanley Kubrick. The film is based on Nabukov’s novel, Lolita, and the theme is one familiar to TB, sexual abuse of a young woman. 

10:10pm April 22, 2014

Speculations season 7

Looking closer at some stills from the latest tease, we found a couple of more symbols that can be traced back to the ancient Babylonians. Sookie has sun symbols (symbol of Shamash) on her dress, or possibly a rosette symbolizing the tree of life. Another interesting symbol is the winged solar disk on the church plaque. We have seen the disk before, Maryann had one in her hair in S2E1. Then there is ‘the pig’ behind Sookie. It could symbolize Sumerian constellation SHAH (the Pig or Boar) or  Delphin (the Dolphin) in Greek. Does this mean that we’ll see season 7 reflecting season 2?

There are hints in that direction. The anarchy of Maryann is replaced with the anarchy of the hep V vampires, Godric’s disappearance with Eric’s and Texas seem to play a part in S7 just as Dallas in S2. Sarah Newlin is back and the FOTS-soldiers are replaced by Vince’s group of vigilantes. And last, but not least, dead people are found in the freezer at Merlotte’s (- now Bellefleur’s -), just as Daphne’s was in S2.